Playit App for Android TV – Complete Guide (2023 Update)

Playit app for Android TV, Smart Tv and Mi TV is a challenging circumstance for PLAYiters. Downloading Playit app for LG, Samsung, Philips, TCL, Mi Tv & TV Box (Mi box and other Tv Boxes) is somehow tricky but you can have acknowledge about downloading  Playit for Android Tv properly and healthy with the help of this COMPLETE GUIDE of PLAYit on Tv.

Playit App for Android TV, 2023 Update: Developers of Playit App have developed the HIGH FPS Version. Comment us and give feedaback about the FPS. Android TV CPUs are not good enough for FPS, so developers try to develop the effectiveness of the FPS of the player capabilities.

As an aouthor and representative of millions of Playiters, I should admit that, Playit Officials should focus on the Android TV version of Playit App and update the app in order to reach the best Playit App for Android TV.

If you downloaded any android file to your Android TV before and know how to install it, you can skip the guide below and download file directly via >>”Playit APK“<< Page. Click the button below for downloading Playit App for Android TV:

Here is Complete Guide of Playit App for Android TV:

Playit App for Android TV – Complete GUIDE in 2023

First of all, before jumping to the steps of downloading Playit App for tv, we have to negotiate about the problems Playiters may meet while trying to find and download the Playit App for smart tv.

If you have computer, take have a look at Playit for PC Download 64 Bit

Playit for Android TV – 2 Problems for Downloading

There are several problems when trying to install from Play store.

There are 2 problems as we have seen so far.

First problem which can occur is, when you open the app page from the Google Play Store, it says:

Your device isn’t compatible with this version as you can see from the Playit Android TV App Page below:

Playit app for android tv
Playit app for android tv

Second Problem is your smart tv does not have google play store or your smart tv’s google play store does not have the app. Therefore some our PLAYiters said that “I can not find PLAYit App even I searched for it”

To solve these problems apply the steps below:

Step 1 > Download the “Downloader” App  before downloading Playit on Android Tv

As the first step, before moving on to download Playit for Android Tv, you should have some prerequisite(required) apps on your Smart Android TV. The reason is that the developers of the Original Playit App have not yet developed Android TV Version of the app. Therefore, you cannot download and run properly Playit app on Android TVs without the required apps as we talked about the problems above.

The prerequisite apps is listed below:

Downloader by AFTVnews

You need a “downloader” app for downloading Playit apk files easily on Android TVs. One of the best downloader apps optimized for Android Smart TVs can be downloaded from the link>>

playit for android tv downloader app
playit for android tv downloader app


Step 2 > Download Playit for Android TV

After downloading “Downlaoder” app, you have to permit the Downloader App to download from unknown sources and then go to the this page ( ) from your TV inside this Downloader app. Then click on the direkt download link on the page below and install app, then you can run the app.

If you want to know how to use “Downloader” app and install Playit or any Android apps to your TV, you can look at the “Downloader App” information video >>

Step 3 > Solution of Playit App for TV Portrait Mode (Vertical-Horizontal Screen) Problem

Due to lack of development of the TV version of the app, app behaves like you run on your android phone and does not rotate the screen horizontally and does not make full screen horizontally. To solve this problem you should download “Set Orientation” App and make the settings of the screen Full(Automatic) . To see how to do it, you can watch >>

Playit App for Android TV Download Links

You can download PLAYit App to Android TV via Google Play Store.

You can download PLAYit App to Android TV directly by going to >>”Playit APK“<< Page.

You can find the Playit App for Android TV – Mi TV direct file and can download it to your Smart – Mi TV.

Playit APP for Android TV – Compatible Devices

Here is the list of Playit App for Android TV compatible Devices

LG Smart Android TV

Samsung Smart Android TV

Mi Smart Android TV

TCL Smart Android TV

Philips Smart Android TV

Sony Smart Android TV

Sharp Smart Android TV

Toshiba Smart Android TV

Compaq Smart Android TV

Sansui Smart Android TV

Vu Smart Android TV

Acer Smart Android TV

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